The Will of Landru
copyright ©2002 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
tune: The Sounds of Silence, Simon & Garfunkel

Hello Landru, my old friend:
We've got you plugged in once again.
Though Captain Kirk came interfering,
And he broke your power steering
All the comfort that made mincemeat of my thoughts
I've still got.
I know the Will of Landru.

To Festival I walk alone.
Hey, everybody must get stoned . . .
I grab a rock to do a head smash
In someone's scalp I make a big gash:
For my mind's been trashed by the flash of Eternal Light,
But that's alright:
I know the Will of Landru.

And at the Festival I saw
Ten million of us, maybe more.
We were fighting without thinking.
We were killing without blinking.
We were reveling in endless blood and gore
Just like before
We lost the Will of Landru.

Like Landru, you and I are blind:
Religion stops a thinking mind.
Like a cancer it will eat you.
Like a sadist it will beat you,
But submit, and though time may take its toll
You'll be whole. Just give your soul
To Landru.

All the humans bowed and prayed
To a god one of them made,
But we know Landru is real,
And we know how He makes us feel:
Unlike their god,
The Wisdom of Landru is embedded in our brains.
It remains.
We serve the Will of Landru.