Where There's Smoke
(alternate title: Stop Killing Stan)
tune: Mary Ellen Carter, by Stan Rogers
Lyrics ©2004 by Blind Lemming Chiffon

The plane went down June Second, year of 1983.
And those who lived, and those who died, both numbered 23.
A fire in the restroom got a little out of hand,
And flight seven-nine-seven had to land.
Some say the fire was caused by someone smoking in the lav.
The NTSB wasn't sure - the cause is up for grabs,
The folksinger Stan Rogers was among the ones who died,
For lost lives and songs, so many people cried.

It's said that Stan survived the crash, and helped some to escape,
But went back to save more, and there he met his sorry fate.
He left behind a wife, a son, 6 albums worth of songs.
At 33, his death was cruel and wrong.
But still, there are so many who think smoking is OK,
Or see no harm in lighting up, wherever they may be.
Whenever someone smokes, the thought cannot escape my brain:
With each single puff, Stan Rogers dies again.

So many lives cut short now, by a burning paper stick.
All filled with weeds and chemicals that make most people sick.
For every eight lives shortened due to smoking, you should know
One non-smoker is also bound to go.
Among those who need to worry are us folks who play guitars,
Who, if we want to make a living, must perform in smoky bars.
If you're forced to breathe the smoke, but you don't protest or complain
Your silence lets Stan Rogers die again.

There's four hundred thousand snuffed out in America each year.
It's just taken as a given; almost no one sheds a tear.
All the lies of Phillip Morris can't replace the lives we've lost,
Nor their profits compensate us for the cost.
Although terrorists kill thousands, and ignite our deepest fears
Tobacco murders millions, and it tortures them for years.
Don't say, "It doesn't bother me," when others are in pain,
Because that is when Stan Rogers dies again.