The Space Between the Lines
copyright ©2002 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
tune: loosely based on "Lies" by Stan Rogers, but
to be played in the style of Mississippi John Hurt

There's something in the space between the words,
As many times I've listened, there's still things I haven't heard,
So one more spin for Mississippi John
I travel through this time warp to a town called Avalon.
I wonder, will he make me a pallet on his floor,
And, if I'm lucky, maybe he'll sing Candy Man once more.
The glow will dance upon his eyes and shine
To light up all that space between the lines.

There's something in that space between the notes
Of songs that he interpreted, and others that he wrote.
There's something in the way he played guitar
His gentle, kind simplicity made him a shining star.
Though many try to copy the notes that John Hurt played,
No one can play them quite the same as he did, I'm afraid.
No matter how they try, they always find
They just can't play the space between the lines.

There's something in the lines between the space.
Somehow, it seems so perfect - not a thing is out of place.
No awkward pause when he forgets a word . . .
Just listen to the spaces, and the lyrics can be heard.
And as he picks the beat out, with his ever-present thumb
His fingers play the melody, the words fall from his tongue
It's just like magic how it intertwines
With the spaces betweeen words and notes and lines.