Puff the Magic Dragon, 40 Years Later
(long boring version)
copyright ©2001 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
Tune: Puff the Magic Dragon, by Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton

Little Jackie Paper moved to D.C.
And worked for forty years running a paper factory
His wife and seven children loved that rascal Jack
And bought him ties and rhubarb pies and a purple Cadillac.

Puff the Magic Dragon still lurks by the sea
And frolics in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee,
But he misses Jackie Paper, and sometimes he still cries,
For the love that's in a dragon's heart is a love that never dies.

Jack's pension fund went bankrupt; he lost his shirt in stocks.
The only money he'd saved up were pennies in his socks.
He finally retired; they gave him a gold watch.
He pawned the thing and bought a case of twenty-year-old Scotch.

Puff the Magic Dragon hangs out by the sea
Somewhere near Eastern Europe in a land called Honah Lee,
He thinks of Jackie Paper, and sadly rolls his head,
And looks at Jackie's picture just before he goes to bed.

Jack had a drinking problem, and it just got worse, of course.
His children moved away; his wife suggested a divorce.
He joined A.A. and straightened out. One day they reconciled,
And she dragged him to a seminar to find his inner child.

Puff the Magic Dragon lives in his cave,
And sometimes drinks those flaming drinks that make him feel brave,
For when he sets those fires, and listens to them burn
His heart tells him that Jackie is destined to return.

Jack listened to the speaker, and thought it all so strange.
He wanted to go home; somehow he knew he'd never change.
He whimpered and he fidgeted. "Enough," he cried, "Enough!"
He said, "I quit," then a breakthrough hit, and he remembered Puff.

Jack knew at that moment the meaning of life
He sold the purple Cadillac and he told his kids and wife.
They all went to the airport, and smiled merrily,
When he bought his family one-way tickets back to Honah Lee.

The Cherry Lane was empty, the houses boarded up.
No matter how hard Jackie looked, he found no sign of Puff.
Alone but for his grieving heart, he wandered off to die
When an entrance to a musty cave met the corner of his eye.

Puff gave Jack a hug, and nipped him on the neck.
For Puff's a vampire; that's why he's immortal I suspect.
Then Jackie bit his family; that's something he enjoys.
Now dragons live forever, and so do little boys.