Mr. Peabody
(A Dog and His Boy)
copyright ©2000 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
tune: A Boy and His Frog, Tom Smith

I'm just a dog, so they tell me...
And what if I am? Even so...
"An anthropomorphic old second banana
From the Rocky and Bullwinkle show."
They say I'm just some history teacher,
Who could never resist a bad pun.
"Where's the moose?" they all cry,
Yet they're wondering why
They've all learned something new when I'm done.

I hope you'll stay tuned: I have something to teach you.
You'll learn it in spite of yourself.
Those dusty old books are the worst way to reach you...
You'd just leave them up on a shelf. [SIGH]
You see, history's made up of people like us,
And it's something we all can enjoy,
With a wayward pre-teen in a Wayback Machine,
Me and Sherman, a dog and his boy.

Now the Wayback Machine has been broken for decades,
Out rusting in somebody's barn.
I'm surprised no one's tried yet to sell it on eBay:
If they do...the thing's WARNED!
But the places we saw and the people we met...
Galileo...Da Vinci...Voltaire...
I've searched all through this world...the Internet too...
[spoken:] DAMN that fat copycat Dogbert!
But no one today can compare.

It's been 35 years since our last trip together...
Back sometime around '66.
I hear you're all grown; a life of your own,
And I haven't learned any new tricks.
But you see, I'm a dream, and us dreams live forever,
Not like a cartoon or a toy.
Ah, the things that we did [SNIFF]
I miss you, kid.
Me and Sherman, a dog and his boy.