Mr. Bullwinkle
copyright ©1995 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
tune: Mr. Bojangles, Jerry Jeff Walker

I knew a moose, Bullwinkle: he did magic tricks. Did you know that?
He'd say, "Hey, Rocky, watch me pull this rabbit out of my hat.
Nothing up my sleeve, nothing up my sleeve: Presto!"
And out pops a lion! [ROAR]

Until I saw Bullwinkle I was just a child, and not corrupt.
I still recall the one about when London Bridge was falling up
He saved the world, he saved the world, from Upsidaisium!

The villains that he had to fight weren't very smart, or very tough.
Like Boris and Natasha, who weren't very bad - just bad enough.
He learned all he knew, yes all he knew, at Wossamatta U.

Sometimes at night when I'm alone with my TV I see your face.
There's no way Tiny Tunes or even Darkwing Duck could take your place.
Without Jay Ward, I'm getting bored. Where's the cartoons?