Men Who Love Women Who Love Sheep
copyright ©2004 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
Tune: Men Who Love Women Who Love Men, Steve Goodman

Down on Colfax Avenue
There's lots of folks who wish they could be havin' you.
If your tastes are esoteric, they donšt care,
'Cause it's every kind of animal that youšll find there. There are
There are men who make love to young boys.
There are those who make love to lots of plastic toys,
And here's what really separates the wheat from the chaff:
There are those who would rather photograph all the

There are women who make love to dogs;
Also donkeys, double dildos and dissected frogs.
There are pregnant Chinese lesbians in leather restraints
About whom I've heard very few complaints from

In pursuing true love's joys
Men and women will love little girls and little boys,
But it's so hard to know what to do
When the police are arresting you for bein'