It Makes Me Want to Sing!
copyright ©2004 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
tune: Gilgarrah Mountain (Whiskey In the Jar)

One night I started singing when I was on a bender.
My voice bore a resemblance to a cat caught in a blender.
They covered up their ears as I performed "The Great Pretender,"
Until I was ejected by an angry young bartender.

The blood about my ears, why, it flowed so red and jolly . . .
I hurried on to home to be patched up by my Molly.
She swore she loved my singing, so the only thing I had left
Was to keep my voice a-ringing - never knew that she was tone deaf.

Then Molly went to sleep, so I kept my singing low-key.
I aspired not to wake her as I played my karaoke,
But Molly was awake, and busy breaking all my CDs.
I think she planned to kill me and to hide me in the deep freeze.

The next morning early I was still singing loudly
When Molly and the bartender tied ropes all around me.
I still would not be quiet - I don't know what I was thinking,
So they tightened up my neck rope 'til I finally stopped my singing.

They put me in the deep freeze with a side of beef beside me,
But before they put me in there for some reason they untied me.
When I woke up frozen solid, in the darkness I was groping.
Somehow I moved my foot and I kicked the freezer open.

Now there's some that take delight in a drink mixed in a blender - me,
I took delight in killing Molly and the young bartender.
When I put them in the freezer to each other they were clinging,
Then I thought I'd best get going, so I hit the highway singing.