The Lemming and the Ecologist
copyright ©2004 by Blind Lemming Chiffin
Tune: Boll Weevil, traditional, arrangement Leadbelly

Oh, the lemming, he am a little gray rodent
Come from Norway, so they say
He go out on the fjord one night
Just a lookin' for a place to play
The first time I seen Mr. Lemming
He was flyin' through the air
The next time I seen Mr. Lemming
He had his whole family there
The ecologist say to the lemming,
"What makes you come around?"
The lemming he say to the ecologist,
"It's a wonder I ain't drowned
The ecologist take Mr. Lemming
And he run him through a maze
Mr. Lemming got out and jumped off the table
But he was only slightly dazed.
The ecologist take Mr. Lemming
And he give him Coca-Cola.
Mr. Lemming he say, "Put some ice in this
It needs to be just a little colder
The ecologist give Mr. Lemming a uke
And asks him one more question:
"Could you write down all of those lemming blues
For your next recording session
The lemming, he say to the ecologist,
"Why don't you go away?
This uke is much too big for me,
And I don't know how to play
The agent, he took 20%.
Says Lemming, "What a gyp!
I didn't sell but 2 CDs
And the ecologist stole my tips.
If anyone should ever happen to wonder
Who it was destroyed this song,
Just tell 'em it was that ol' blues singer from Denver,
Mr. Blind Lemming Chiffon