Jumpy the Goldfish
copyright ©2004 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
Tune: Frosty the Snowman, Nelson/Rollins

Jumpy the Goldfish was so happy in his bowl,
As he swam along he would hum a song,
Either jazz or rock 'n' roll.
Jumpy the Goldfish wasn't just a fish, you know.
For he was reincarnated from my favorite uncle, Moe.
There must have been some uppers in the fish food that we found,
For when we put it in his bowl he began to jump around.
Oh, Jumpy the Goldfish could jump way up in the air,
And when up he went, he was quite content, for he didn't have a care.

Jumpy the Goldfish was as playful as could be,
Now, I don't know why he could jump so high,
But he could, that's plain to see.
One day he jumped too high, and he landed on the floor.
Landed with a splat!, and he woke the cat, who was sleeping by the door.
The feline coming after him made terror stir his soul,
So he jumped five feet up in the air, and right back into his bowl!
Jumpy the Goldfish doesn't jump now much, or play,
But he's promised us if we sell the cat he will jump again some day.

Jumpety jump jump, jumpety jump jump. Look at Jumpy fly.
Jumpety jump jump, jumpety jump jump, way up in the sky.