If We Only Had Your Brain
by The Borg Recruitment Division,
with assistance from 29 of 11 to the 7th
(formerly known as Blind Lemming Chiffon)
copyright ©2000 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
tune: If I Only Had a Brain by Arlen & Harburg

We could be like Jean Paul Sartre,
Or just a little smarter:
Allow us to explain...
Tell your friends "See you later."
You'd be part of something greater
If we only had your brain.

Don't be thinking that we hate you
If we assimilate you,
'Cause that would be insane.
We have only one weakness:
We're addicted to uniqueness
And we'd like to have your brain.

We think you're very clever,
And you can live forever -
Come on, and board our train.
So don't be a boob, now:
You'd be happy on our cube now
If we only had your brain.