End The Beguine!
copyright ©2004 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
tune:"Goodbye Cruel World" by Gloria Shayne
with references to "Begin the Beguine" by Cole Porter
and "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" by Bryan Hyland

Please end the Beguine:
It's been going on too long now.
The dancers are tired,
And their shoes are full of holes.
The dance must stop, the beguine come to an end,
Cole Porter is dead now
So come on, let's go, just grab your coat.

Please end the Beguine:
We never should have started.
It's three in the morning.
I need to go to work.
I'm not too sure what a Beguine is anyway.
It's either some kind of slow dance
Or a way to kill people in France.

Just step right out and come on back to my place
I know you want to by that smile on your face.
Why else would you have on your itsy bitsy
Teenie weenie yellow polka dot beguine-y?

Well, the joke's on me--
I found out you don't like me.
You're going home
With the trumpet player's friend.
I'm all alone. They'll never end this dance.
My shoes are worn down even with my pants.
I'll dance forever like some Twilight Zone machine,
'Cause no matter how I beg them,
I can't make the band end the Beguine.