Drop-Down Lemming
Lyrics copyright ©2003 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
Inspired by the title of "Drop Down Mama" by Sleepy John Estes
tune: Stomp-Down Rider by Blind Willie McTell

When I first met you baby you was furry and sweet
But you walked away on your own four feet

You don't want me, baby, no harm, no foul
You'll make a pretty fine lunch for some spotted owl

Ashes to ashes, mama, sand to sand
You got four feet and I got four hands

Watch out for those ravens, watch out for those hawks
Baby, why do you treat me like a prairie dog

My mama done tol' me, papa tol' me too
Mess with that lemming, make a vole outa you

Yeah, you know your onions, and you know your oats,
But you better watch out for those hungry stoats

Now let me tell you baby, you know I ain't no liar
The top of that cliff couldn't be much higher

If you take a little jump off that old cliff top
Baby, I'm gonna see just how a lemming drops