Coca-Cola Blues
copyright ©2004 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
Tune: Cocaine Blues, Traditional

Go on now, donıt you take me for no fool:
I drink Coca-Cola even when the weather's cool,
And when it's hot I donıt go out and play;
I just sit inside and drink my Coke all day.

Come here doctor; come here quick:
That ol' Coca Cola 'bout to make me sick.
Iım goin' to Long Island, goin' to Mineola,
I'm goin' 'cause it rhymes with Coca-Cola.
Coke is for mosquitoes and not for men.
They tell me it'll kill me but it wonıt kill them.
I'm simply wild about my good caffeine.

Now if you've been feeling blue for a while
Why don't you have a Coke and a smile?
Pepsi-Cola may hit the spot,
But Coca Cola gets me higher than pot.
Coca-Cola cures all my woes
'Specially when I sniff it up through my nose.
Coca-Cola done run all 'round my brain.

I'm just a junk food junkie, and to keep McDonalds down
I need a two-liter bottle so nice and brown.
I'm hypoglycemic and also diabetic,
But when I drink Coke I feel Coke-acetic.
It's good with dinner if you fries or bakes
And I likes it for breakfast on my Frosted Flakes.
I'm simply wild about my good caffeine.

New Coke is fine, and I like Classic,
But Caffeine-Free Coke, now baby, thatıs sick.
I got into a fight with a mean nasty trucker.
Had to knock him flat, 'cause he called me "Cokesucker."
The taste of corn syrup makes me throw a fit:
When they used real sugar, man, Coke was it!
Coca-Cola done run all 'round my brain.

I'm leavinı home--I wrote the folks a letter,
Sayin' "Gone to get a Coke--hope things go better."
I tried that Diet Coke, just for the taste,
But the Nutra-Sweet left me feelin' kinda wasted.
It makes me laugh. It makes me sing.
You know itıs the real thing. Uh-huh.
I'm simply wild about my good caffeine.