copyright ©2004 by Blind Lemming Chiffon
tune: Vincent by Don McLean

Dark and stormy night
Perched here on my dog house roof,
Somehow I can sense the truth,
And Woodstock helps me type just like a pro.
Send me Charlie Brown,
With a doggie dish so big and round,
By this leash upon my neck I'm bound,
And maybe he will take me for a walk.

Charlie flies his kite
There goes Pigpen in a cloud of dust,
For a moment, it obscures the bust
Of Beethoven that Schroeder views with awe.
Could it be I saw
On a toy piano played
Such a symphony, it almost made me
Think I heard it in a concert hall?

Dark and stormy night . . .
Wishing I could feel again
The pen that drew me on the page
And gave to me this life that never ends.
We'll always be friends . . .
Just one thing: before this story ends,
Please tell Charlie Brown it's not too late
To ask that red-haired girl out on a date.